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Together with our customers and partners, we continually endeavor to transform the art and science of teaching, training and learning.

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Personalizing the Onboarding Experience


True personalized learning is now possible, but the technology that will get you there does not reside in your LMS or LXP.

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Featured image: Personalizing the Onboarding Experience

When Competency Matters…


Before we get into how to measure for competency, let’s discuss when and why competency matters.

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Featured image: When Competency Matters…

The Future of Learning is Personalized


In a study conducted by Brandon Hall Group (BHG), it was found that only 7% of organizations feel their learning programs have been successful.

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Featured image: The Future of Learning is Personalized

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Realizeit will participate at the ATD24 International Conference and EXPO to showcase how companies can train their most business-critical roles, including those skills that have a direct impact on safety, company performance, and customer satisfaction.