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VIDEO: Academic Leaders Share How They Leverage Digital Learning Data

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VIDEO: Academic Leaders Share How They Leverage Digital Learning Data

For educators, one of the greatest benefits to Realizeit’s digital teaching and learning system is the in-depth visibility it provides into classroom and individual student learning. Discovering the multitude of ways faculty and administrators can benefit from these insights is part of the journey.

The e-Literate blog's Phil Hill discussed this topic with academic leaders from three universities during Realizeit’s Executive Summit conference for client institutions, aiming to understand the diverse approaches educators are taking to use these analytics to improve the teaching and learning experience for students and instructors alike.

Their conversations speak to the breadth of possibilities, from visibility into student activity – and the accountability that visibility helps drive – to the ability to inform and impact instructor interactions and interventions.

As part of the discussion, these administrators also share the broader implications and impact of their adaptive programs, and what educators need to understand to be successful.

See their discussion highlights below in the short video, produced by e-Literate.


e-Literate is a blog covering educational technology and related topics that is co-published by Michael Feldstein and Phil Hill, partners at educational technology analyst and consulting firm MindWires.

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