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To Boost Student Success, Adaptive Learning is Only Part of the Answer

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To Boost Student Success, Adaptive Learning is Only Part of the Answer

Too often, advocates present technology-enabled teaching solutions – adaptive learning among them – as a silver bullet for educators. Yet when too much focus is placed on individual attributes such as adaptivity, other key functions and features that can positively impact student success are overlooked.

In this video, the e-Literate blog’s Phil Hill talks to Realizeit CEO Manoj Kulkarni and Principal Researcher Dr. Colm Howlin about why adaptive learning isn’t the focus but rather just one feature of the company’s digital teaching and learning system – and how Realizeit tools work more broadly to help institutions address their most critical student success challenges.

The insights Kulkarni and Howlin share include:

  • Much of the system's value doesn’t come solely from the adaptive functionality; rather, the course architecture and learning content play equally critical roles
  • Unlike textbook-based courses that build learning around content, Realizeit’s approach is based on what concepts students need to learn rather than the materials used to teach those concepts
  • Traditionally, students must adapt to a context set by the teacher or institutions; with Realizeit, the experience is shaped around the learner’s needs first and foremost
  • The deep visibility and insights Realizeit provides into course and content effectiveness and student learning is a key contributor to helping institutions achieve their desired student success goals

Watch the five-minute video, produced by e-Literate, to hear more about how Realizeit helps institutions and instructors drive student success, what educators should understand about the platform and its implementation in a course, and a new perspective on how to measure success.

Interested in learning more about how Realizeit can help address your goals and challenges as an educator?

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