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Find news and information from the world of digital learning and analytics, including interviews with Realizeit partners and our staff's take on the latest in education technology, research, and more.

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COVID-19: How Realizeit is Responding

March 30, 2020 Realizeit Staff

In these extraordinary times, Realizeit is taking multiple measures to maintain continuity and ongoing support for you and your learners.

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5 Steps to Scaling Personalized Learning

January 02, 2018 Realizeit Staff

Implementing adaptive teaching and personalized learning at scale is achievable – and transformational, says Realizeit CEO Manoj Kulkarni.

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Interview with an Innovator: Andy Hepburn, GPS Education Partners

Andy Hepburn is Chief Innovation Officer for GPS Education Partners (GPS) in Wisconsin. This unique community-based educator provides outcomes-based training for manufacturing careers, working closely with employers and local high schools. As CIO, Mr. Hepburn has partnered with Realizeit to offer a personalized and adaptive learning experience for GPS’ 200 students throughout the state.

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Breaking the “One Size Fits All” Model: GPS Education Partners


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Honoring Prior Knowledge of Nurses with Personalized, Adaptive Learning


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Interview with an Innovator: Annie Schultz, Herzing University

September 21, 2017 Realizeit Staff

Annie Schultz is Director of Instructional Support at Herzing University, where she also teaches mathematics. She first piloted Realizeit in 2016, starting with a college algebra course before Herzing expanded the implementation to other courses and other subject domains.

Realizeit is now a core enabler for Herzing’s institutional transformation initiative. In this interview, Annie explains why Realizeit appealed to her in the first place—and how Herzing is
expanding its application.

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Changing Culture, Not Just Adapting Courses


Annie Schultz was tired of being in the dark about what her online students were doing in the math classes she was teaching. “I was looking for a tool that would enable me to be a more informed instructor,” she said in a recent interview.

At the same time, her institution, Herzing University, was looking to make a transformational change to the way faculty taught and students learned. It turns out there was one tool that could help solve both problems: Realizeit’s personalized learning and adaptive teaching platform. As Director of Instructional Support, Annie decided to take the plunge.

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Engaging Dental Students in Active Learning with a Flipped Classroom

“Bedtime stories.” That’s what Dr. Robert Hasel,  Associate Dean of the School of Dentistry at Western University of Health Sciences, calls lectures. For more than twelve years, this health sciences educator has had a vision about how to improve learning in the 21st Century – a vision that began when watching his son play video games.

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Interview with an Innovator: Dr. Robert Hasel

September 12, 2017 Realizeit Staff

Dr. Hasel is the Associate Dean of the College of Dental Medicine at Western University of Health Sciences, a graduate health sciences school in Pomona, California. He has been using Realizeit to teach anatomy to his dental students since the fall of 2014, and is expanding adoption of the platform throughout the institution. He spoke to us about the way Realizeit helped him transform his classrooms—and begin fulfilling a long-held vision about how to engage 21st Century learners through the innovative use of technology.

Q: You’ve had a vision about changing teaching and learning for a long time. What was it, and how did Realizeit fit in to making that a reality?

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Interview with an Innovator: Patricia O’Sullivan, Instructor in Pharmacy Administration

Patricia O’Sullivan is the manager of the APLU Personalized Learning and Adaptive Teaching initiative and an adjunct instructor of ethics and pharmacy administration at the University of Mississippi.

She partnered with Realizeit to convert her Pharmacy Ethics course for the Fall 2016 semester, and has just completed her second term with her new course. We interviewed Patti to get her perspective on why she implemented Realizeit, and what her experience has been so far.

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