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The 2023 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards: Realizeit Wins In Five Categories

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The 2023 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards: Realizeit Wins In Five Categories

We are thrilled to announce that Realizeit has received honors in five separate categories for the prestigious 2023 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards. 

Leading the way in Adaptive Learning Technology, Realizeit is setting the standard for innovative corporate learning that saves time and assures competency. The Realizeit platform makes it possible to deliver personalized training and learning to improve assurance that employees are prepared to do their jobs right while focusing on knowledge gaps, not what they already know. 

Realizeit received the following awards: 

  • Best Advance in AI and Machine Learning - Silver 
  • Best Advance in Content Authoring Technology - Gold 
  • Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for Compliance Training - Gold 
  • Best Advance in Learning Management Technology - Gold 
  • Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology - Gold

Entrants to the Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards are evaluated by a panel of independent, veteran, senior industry experts, executives, and BHG analysts. They use several criteria to determine overall scores, including: 

  • Innovation 
  • Functionality 
  • Program design 
  • Overall measurable benefits 

Award winners are scheduled to be honored at Brandon Hall Group’s HCM Excellence Conference from Feb. 13 – Feb. 15, 2024. 

hand holding badges for excellence award winners

About Realizeit’s Approach to Modern Learning 

Realizeit offers a modern,  AI-based adaptive learning platform to a wide variety of organizations that need better training procedures. The Realizeit platform uses AI and machine learning to detect a learner’s prior and current knowledge levels. The learner then receives bite-sized, targeted lessons along a learning pathway that focus on just what they need and not what they already know.

Traditional learning can be incredibly inefficient. A typical one-size-fits-all approach will waste time and leave learners disengaged. Realizeit solves this problem by adapting the learning to each learner. The learning approach also assures learners know the material and provides detailed insights so leaders can mitigate risk and continuously improve learning results. 

Leading companies across industries use Realizeit’s platform for a wide variety of training scenarios, including onboarding, reskilling, and compliance training. 

About Brandon Hall Group 

Brandon Hall Group (BHG) is a professional development company that offers research, insights, data, and certification to Learning and Talent organizations and executives. Human Capital Management leaders and decision-makers choose BHG to help design employee development plans that meet the needs of the modern workplace. 

The organization has influenced over 10 million employees and executives over the past three decades. Through their expertise, companies, and organizations of all kinds have been able to improve the value they get out of their own employees. 

Brandon Hall Group (BHG) has provided their Excellence Awards annually for over 30 years. The awards recognize work across several domains:  

  • Education Technology 
  • Learning and Development 
  • Future of Work 
  • Sales Enablement 
  • Human Resources 
  • Talent Acquisition 
  • Talent Management 



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Realizeit will participate at the ATD24 International Conference and EXPO to showcase how companies can train their most business-critical roles, including those skills that have a direct impact on safety, company performance, and customer satisfaction.