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Exploring an Adaptive Learning Solution when already using an LMS and LXP — Why Realizeit?

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Exploring an Adaptive Learning Solution when already using an LMS and LXP — Why Realizeit?

If you are prioritizing workforce training to drive performance, or have outlined an L&D strategy, you likely have several digital solutions in your learning ecosystem. Many businesses have some set of digital processes for managing their learning content. Typically, this takes the form of an LMS, an LXP, or both. LMSs’ are often table stakes to roll out L&D at scale. The question to ponder is, “Is your approach to training and learning garnering the best ROI?”

Even businesses that have both an LMS and LXP usually find that these systems alone are not enough for producing tangible, bottom-line improvements in performance outcomes for their trainees. There are nearly endless options for choosing the best LMS for your business. Having an LMS or LXP is better than most legacy learning setups (e.g. classroom training, binders, etc.), but is still far behind what becomes possible with AI-powered adaptive learning

venn diagram of different learning ecosystems like lms providers and other software

Realizeit fills in the gaps where existing learning systems fail to live up to modern standards. What it adds is personalized learning delivery, rather than just learning management or a learning experience. It ensures that your learning content is used in the best way possible for each individual learner.

By using a modern AI-based learning delivery platform like Realizeit, businesses can tailor each individual's learning experience to save time and resources, all by using the content they already have.

LMS and LXP: Their Roles and Limitations

A Learning Management System, or LMS, is intended to organize, administer, and track learning materials. It has limited ability to adapt and personalize to the needs of any individual learner.

A Learning Experience Platform, or LXP, is intended to deliver a Netflix-style portal for delivering the learning materials that the LMS organizes. It also has limited ability to adapt and personalize to the needs of any individual learner.

person standing with their laptop working with an LXP and a woman on her laptop working with an LMS

Although both an LMS and an LXP are useful tools for teaching and training, they fail to offer important capabilities that are delivered by modern learning platforms like Realizeit:

  • They cannot optimize time spent learning based on what people already know.

  • They don't automatically provide timely and relevant learning experiences.

  • They don't directly impact job performance in any measurable way.

  • They don't deliver real-time insights into learners' performance.

Most employees still require and want guidance to focus their learning. Even with the aid of an LXP, searching the learning libraries and all of your content still takes time.

Requirements for Modern Learning: Adaptive and Effective

Modern learning is characterized as adaptive, personalized, and outcome-driven. Learning needs are addressed on an individual basis in order to drive tangible effects in role performance.

Learning leaders seek several modern learning features that an LMS or LXP simply cannot provide:

  • Intelligent systems that optimize learning time.

  • Engaging, relevant, bite-size learning experiences.

  • Seamless multi-modal learning journeys.

  • Impact on job performance through assessments and coaching.

  • Risk reduction via reinforcement for job-readiness.

  • Real-time insights for informed decision-making.

  • Agile content, knowledge, and skill management for L&D partnership.

Efficient and effective learning requires the actual delivery of learning (not just administration or discovery) in a connected way that is tailored to each individual learner. This involves assessing knowledge accurately and determining if skills have been properly demonstrated. 

And it means seamlessly integrating practice and reinforcement into the learner's journey that includes all learning modalities, from eLearning to instructor-led training, peer-to-peer discussions, on-the-job training, coaching, and a variety of skill assessments.

Put simply: modern learning requires adaptive and effective content delivery, choosing the right content at the right time for each learner.

Realizeit: Bridging the Gaps

Realizeit is a modern learning solution that fills in the holes left by a standard LMS or LXP. It works alongside your current learning systems, allowing their full potential to shine through.

Realizeit's key features surpass traditional learning with 5 different points

Realizeit offers five essential benefits that learning leaders seek:

  • Saving time

  • Increasing learner engagement

  • Improving performance and outcomes

  • Reducing the risk of learning gaps

  • Increasing agility to respond to changing needs

You will notice that these benefits cover the shortcomings listed above with LMS and LXP systems. This is no accident: Realizeit is designed to pick up the slack where those systems leave off.

These advantages apply across all learning contexts. This includes, but is not limited to: new hire training, upskilling, leadership training, compliance training, and more.

Realizeit optimizes learning time by delivering what learners need and when they need it, instead of providing a one-size-fits-all framework for everyone.

  • Realizeit provides engaging, bite-size learning experiences, instead of monolithic courses.

  • Realizeit creates seamless, multi-modal learning journeys, instead of fixed and inflexible paths.

  • Realizeit has measurable impacts on job performance, through individualized assessments and coaching.

  • Realizeit reduces risk via reinforcement for job-readiness. It ensures trainees are given skill-based, optimized learning experiences that prepare them for their jobs.

  • Realizeit provides real-time insights for informed decision-making. Coaches, managers, instructors, and course designers all benefit from precise knowledge of how each aspect of their content affects learners.

Realizeit, therefore, has an important role to play in addressing critical learning challenges. While an LMS manages learning content, and an LXP gamifies the learning experience, Realizeit provides an optimized, modern adaptive learning delivery system that ensures you maximize the value of your training programs.

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