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Melinda Gates Highlights How a Personalized Course is Helping UCF Math Students Succeed

Bill and Melinda Gates have long shined the spotlight on technology’s potential to improve student outcomes. During a recent visit to the University of Central Florida, a pioneer in digital learning transformation, Melinda Gates took the opportunity to learn from the driving force behind one of the university’s most intriguing success stories: Dr. Tammy Muhs and her College Algebra course.

Since launching her personalized course, Dr. Muhs has improved student success rates (a C grade or better) by 20%As Gates notes, “Using a traditional textbook and traditional technology, the instructor of a class that large has almost no choice but to accept that there will always be some students who fall through the cracks. But with personalized learning tools, Dr. Muhs is able to make even a class of 450 feel a little more like a class of five.”

Watch the video below to hear Dr. Muhs share with Gates how technology-enabled teaching empowers her to motivate and support hundreds of students at a time through a class that's too often a barrier to graduation.


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