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Jeremy Anderson, Deputy Chief of Academic Technology, Bay Path University

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Busting the Top 5 Myths about Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning is growing up. Step back and you can see the steps along the yardstick of maturity: 10 years ago, adaptive learning was just getting onto the radar in higher education; five years ago it was a buzzword; and now a number of prominent institutions are promoting best practices for applying it in the classroom.

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When 1+1=3: The Surprising Synergy of OER and Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning and open educational resources (OER) are both drawing attention in higher education for their ability to help address some of the cost, quality, and access challenges that most institutions are facing (EDUCAUSE, 2018). Still, each is typically viewed as a separate innovation, as most conceive of adaptive largely as the “how” of teaching and learning and OER as the “what.”

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