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Why I Switched to OER: A Faculty Perspective

There’s been a lot of talk about open educational resources, or OER, in the world of higher education of late. When I first started to hear about OER a few years ago, I became really curious.

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Adaptive Learning: It's Not Only for STEM

In Fall 2018, we had the privilege of redesigning our online Elementary Spanish Language & Civilization courses at the University of Central Florida (UCF), incorporating personalized adaptive learning as part of the Pegasus iLab Course Redesign Initiative (CRI).

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When 1+1=3: The Surprising Synergy of OER and Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning and open educational resources (OER) are both drawing attention in higher education for their ability to help address some of the cost, quality, and access challenges that most institutions are facing (EDUCAUSE, 2018). Still, each is typically viewed as a separate innovation, as most conceive of adaptive largely as the “how” of teaching and learning and OER as the “what.”

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